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Experience extraordinaire!!!

La technique utilisée par Uwi est juste magnifique, naturelle et pleine de chaleur humaine. Elle vous aide à surmonter les vieux démons et à refaire resurgir les plus beaux souvenirs afin d'avoir les éléments nécessaires pour affronter notre quotien. Elle m'a personnellement permises de remonter ma peur de ne pas pouvoir des enfants un jour, elle m'a permise d'affronter sereinement une opération médicale et d'avancer avec assurance dans ma vie.

Encore une fois merci et que cette chaleur humaine qui te définit t'apporte également à toi aussi des Bénédictions.


Besten Dank für die tolle Unterstützung. Du und deine Arbeitsweise sind eine wichtige Unterstützung für meine Alltagsbewältigung. Seit ich das Coaching in Anspruch nehme fühle ich mich ausgeglichener und selbstbewusster. Ausserdem schlafe ich besser und nehme keine Medikamente mehr. Ich kann die Behandlung uneingeschränkt empfehlen. 


My experience with Uwimana Margot 

I started my sessions with Uwimana over two years ago and had never looked back. At that point , I had had numerous therapists all accrediting to know what they were doing but I was not quite convinced as most used evasive methods that took away the essence of inner connectivity with the Self. Uwi became a guiding light to better understand the mixed emotions I had been having since my childhood , the conflicting outcomes of living in two different worlds and moving forward as life changes. 

She taught me how to pull myself on the side for a second and look at my Self from an outside perspective and see the positives that always outweighted the negatives and learn to love that Self again. Most of all , her method of connecting different aspects of your life is by far the most effective as she never ignores that our lives are like a kaleidoscope , interconnected and affecting each other in the most simplest of ways. 

She has helped me understand myself better in a world where very few understand me. When I thought I was a pariah ,trying hard to fit in, being overly sensitive and sometimes sucumbing to societal obligations , Uwimana showed me that I am extraordinary as is and that being myself is far better rewarding. She understands the journey is long and is so dependable that I know I can always reach her at all hours. I know I am not alone. 

Most therapists or psychologists do this because it's a job , but Uwimana was born to be a guide. It is in her nature and knowing someone out there is rooting for you , is another reason not to give up when all you see in the world is superficial , egotistical , materialistic humanity. 

I can't thank you enough Uwi!


Mon experience avec Uwimana Margot 

Par ou commencer, un voyage dans le temps tres constructif et energisant! J'ai fait cette sceance au moment de ma vie ou j avais perdu confiance en moi meme et il me semblait ne pas savoir quel chemin prendre ni le pourquoi des echecs dans ma vie amoureuse. Avec ce voyage dans le temps, j ai pu retracer mes peurs, mes hantises et mes desirs les plus profond. Depuis j'ai une meilleure estime de moi et plus de serenite dans ce que je vis et dedegage plus d'ondes positives a mon entourage. Le plus interessant de cette sceance a ete de sentir une energie interieur profonde naitre et une paix interieu que je n avais ressentis depuis bien longtemps. 

Merci Uwimana Margot et surtout continue ce beau travail!


My journey with Uwimana Margot 

My name is Misago. This is a statement made to inform on how Mrs. Uwimana Margot, with her special therapy, helped answer unanswered questions, heal long term wounds, and get over nightmares and outbursts of aggressive behavior. 

When I was told of Uwimana’s services in July of 2011 when we met in Rwanda, I first thought it would be the normal psychological procedures and was ready to refuse by the time she approached me herself. I have never been to a psychologist, though it has been proposed to me, and that’s what I told her. She assured me it wasn’t the same thing. This would be my own doing, she will only be a guide, she said. 

Even though I felt perplexed at first, the sessions were simple and straight. I had thought the procedure to be about talking, and letting her ask me questions for me to answer, sitting facing each other. However, her systems consisted of me lying down on a bed, and relax. She helped relax by talking to me and asking questions. Moreover, she insisted on me taking deep breaths, and she used touch to readjust my energies. Her touch of health consisted of touching, very gently and almost shallowly, around my head, my arms and feet. I believe that her technique was vital to getting to the right state of relaxation. 
The rules laid down were that she won’t judge nor divulgate whatever happened during the sessions. 

Once I was relaxed, she became the guide. A guide in the journey I didn’t know I could make. You see, I had been struggling with the loss of my family since they were all killed during the atrocities of 1994 in Rwanda. I had been fighting with questions that I couldn’t seem to find answers for, fighting to repulse outbursts of aggression I couldn’t control, anger and depression. She told me that with her therapy, there was hope to get answers, heal my wounds and find happiness amid what I had gone through. 
I can remember the first request she made to me: “Try to feel as if you were back in your mother’s womb.” Then she gave me time to get there, and I did get there. 

From then on, she guided me into doors, doors that opened for me to travel, through my mind, to places I would meet people I thought I’d never see again. 
It is maybe hard to understand but during the first session, I remember opening a door that led be to where we used to before my mother was killed. She was seated, peeling potatoes. I sat beside her, and then she stopped what she was doing and looked at me, without uttering any word. The look was one of acceptance, and became the cornerstone of rebuilding myself since then. 

The fact that she didn’t have to force questions and ask me for hard procedures, I learned from her what I needed to know in order to get to the doors. She kept communicating with me though, helping me when I had difficulties getting my questions answered. She supported me throughout all the struggles I went through and she still makes herself available whenever I need help. 

Before I underwent her therapy, a week could not pass without breaking into a depression, wishing to die. I could fight and feel good for a short time and then I’d fall back into sadness. Sometimes, I would take it on my adoptive family and be aggressive too. However, since then, the aggressive has mostly disappeared, I feel in control of my anger. The depressions are subsidizing too; with my energies readjusted, I am able to feel when I’m getting into a depression, and prevent it by going over what Uwimana taught me. 

Mrs. Margot’s therapy has one major characteristic that I think makes it efficient; it is a self sustaining therapy. I the recipient am the one in control of the whole procedure, and she my guide. This control I am given made a difference by the fact that it boosted my self esteem in solving my own problems, and gave me confidence to continue even when she was not physically present. 

I found Mrs. Uwimana Margot to be an honest, caring therapist; and her method to be trustworthy. 

N.B. Misago is not my real name. I omitted my real name in order to preserve my privacy. 

Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung

Betriebliche Arbeits- und Organisationsgestaltung, Verbesserung der Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden am Arbeitsplatz, Arbeitsmotivation, Absenzen-Management und Case-Management.  

Promotion de la santé en entreprise

Travail opérationnel et conception organisationnelle, amélioration de la santé et du bien-être sur le lieu de travail, motivation au travail, gestion des absences et gestion des cas.  

Workplace health promotion

Operational work and organisational structure, improvement of health and well-being at the workplace, work motivation, absence management and case management.